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What do you get from donating:

1€ and above:

  • /nick perms to change your name color
  • private discord chat for donors
  • add motd and death messages for everyone to see
  • 5€ and above:

  • everything from 1€
  • perms to fully change your name with /nick
  • color and format perms for anvils
  • color perms for chat
  • 10€ and above:

  • everything from 5€
  • formating perms for /nick
  • format perms for chat
  • how to donate:

    You can help the server with paypal, card, google pay and more, on our ko-fi. When donating, make sure to make your ko-fi name, the same as you mc one, so its easyer for me to give your rewards. You can also DM me on discord (@bacalhauseco) for support!

    thank you for donating and for playing