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Server History


Based MC opened up to the public on 31/07/2023, and many people join every single day, with many people staying for week and months.

We have alot of very dedicated players ever since the beggining so its only natural that the sever has a lot of history, this page will be dedicated to sharing that history.

I will provide dates, stories, players, achievements, bases, teams and some fun facts about these

If you want to submit anything for me to add here you can send it via:

email: [email protected]


Before Based MC

In early 2023 i made a cracked anarchy server simply called "Bacalhau's Anarchy Server" it was pretty fun, it was active for a few days but eventually died and i deleted it after a few weeks, i dont remember much about it and i dont have the files anymore, the discord server still exists but ofc many people already left it.

Owning a minecraft server is pretty funny, so i allways planned to come back to hosting one, but a better one, with an active player base, and focussing on delivering a pure SMP experience.

Based MC

Based MC took me a while to make, i started working on it for a few hours in may 2023 but i really only started doing stuff in mid june, as i was pregenerating a 10k x 10k area for the server because of the raspberry pi performance on generating chunks.

The first tests of the server were made in 28/07/2023 and i had already planned to open the server on the 31th.

The Beggining (31/07/2023 - 31/08/23023)


After about 2 days advertising the upcomming server, i opened the server at around 11AM (UTC +1), at the time the server was just a survival server (aka vanilla anarchy), it had a strict anticheat and cheating wasnt allowed.

The first day of the server peaked at arround 4~5 players online and overall it was pretty active.

It was the day that PPP and kingduck joined.

It was a pretty normal minecraft day, we just grinded for loot and talked to each other basically.


First day in august, the launch day was somewhat successfull and the server already had an active playerbase.

On the second day of the server, players Ypsilon11, o_oNothing, SprinkleMC and thunder joined.

The player thunder was my first experience with cringe kids on minecraft, he was obnoxious and was allways complaining about the server, as well as advertising his own server that was hosting in aternos and had no auth plugin, he joined a couple of weeks later, everyone basically ignored him and he just left for ever.

Ypsilon11 and o_oNothing were just playing normally, getting villages and loot. However, while everyone was just playing the game SprinkleMC was activly trying to look for the ender dragon.

SprinkleMC was also the first one to suggest a homes system wich i ended up adding that same day.

At the time there wasnt really any teams everyone just kinda played together but everyone had their own base.

Later, SprinkleMC found the portal room and everyone TP'd him using /tpa. Players bacalhau, kingduck, Ypsilon11, o_oNothing and LHolyDays all jumped to the portal at the same time and deafed the ender dragon in about 10 min of fighting.
SprinkleMC took the egg after everyone got the achievement, wich later traded to kingduck for an elytra.


new players: erirfed

Nothing really interesting happened this day other than the join of erirfed.

Everyone was just getting loot and progressing thru the game.

The most active players were erirfed, PPP, kingduck, SprinkleMC and o_oNothing.


more will be added