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Version: 1.20.X


Based MC

Brief Description

Based MC its a cracked anarchy server offering a pure survival multiplayer experience for everyone!

It was created on 31, Jully, 2023 its hosted in the europe and our community members are mostly over the age of 15.

The server is very community focused and provides security, privacy and freedom to its users.
Your in-game passwords are hashed in BCrypt-2A We dont ban anyone unless something serious actually happens, for more info check out the rules.

Why does this exist?

Based MC was made for teens and young adults looking for a more community focused server and a pure survival experience.

The server didnt start as anarchy, it started as semi-anarchy, but after 2 months I realized that anarchy is simply the best way to achieve the goal of a pure survival experience.

This server exists because there is a lack of good servers nowadays.

Most modern survival server really dont achieve a "survival" minecraft experience. Every server seems to be either focused on PVP or complelty against it. The mojority of server owners seems to be allways trying to make their server complelty unique and diferent from other servers but usually just end up making the same thing "with a twist".

This server doesnt try anything new, its just minecraft, no "twist" here.

Its just a pure survival multiplayer experience, and i think it achieves it really well.



Based MC is cracked anarchy server.

An anarchy server is a server that gives players total freedom on how they can play the game. The rules that exist on anarchy servers are usually just common sense rules to maintain the server running and ensure user safety. You wont be banned for simply playing the game normaly. You can kill players, you can grief, you can steal, you can play the game freely.

For more info check out the rules.


A cracked server aka offline server, is a server that is not conected to Mojang's authentiaction, this means that its not connected to microsoft's servers and it allows people to play without an official acocunt (allowying piracy).

When joining the server for the first time you will be prompted with a registration screen, simply do /register password password where you replace 'password' with a password with numbers and leters, no spaces.

The passwords are stored in a database and hashed in BCrypt-2A.

You can add 2fa auth to your in-game account by joining on version 1.20.1 and typing /2fa. This will bring you back to the limbo where you can follow the rest of the steps to enable 2fa and protect your Based MC account.

If you forget your password you will have to provide me some proof that your account is yours or i wont reset the password. You can contact me on discord @bacalhauseco.

If you bought a minecraft account do /premium to enable auto login and secure your account.

The server being cracked makes the game more fair for everyone as everyone, having or not having an official account, is treated equally. IF YOU ARE USING TLAUNCHER, UNINSTALL IT! Use Polly MC instead, as tlauncher is spyware and Polly MC is open source and safe.

Server ded?????

Based MC is not a dead server it has a very dedicated and consistent player based since the start (31/07/2023)

We might not have the biggest community but its big eneugh for the player count to peak at over 10 players on most days.

The community is welcoming as long as you dont act like a 10 year old who never played the game as our players are over 15 years old and somewhat mature, expecially compared to the average SMP or anarchy server community.

The server might be empty sometimes, usually in the middle of the week, people have lives, no one is forced to play the game, if you are a new player and you get mad that no one is on, either play alone for a while and get some loot or look for another server.

We usually get alot of new players every day, most of them dont stay as "the server is hard and theres cobble everywhere".


You, what do you own the world? how do you own disorder,


Now, somewhere between the sacred silence, sacred silence and sleep

Somewhere between the sacred silence and sleep

Disorder, disorder, disorder



The server is safe to play on.

The server is 100% owned by me (Bacalhau Seco) and no one else has SSH or hardware access.

Your ingame passwords are stored hashed, so even i cant see them

If you own a minecraft account and play on the official launcher you should do /premium to make your account locked to cracked players.

You can also enable 2 factor authentication by joining on version 1.20.1 and typing /2fa, this will take you back to the limbo and give you a QR code, you will have to scan it and confirm with the code provided by your 2fa auth app.

I forgot my password!!!!11!!!

If you forget your password you can contact me at any time to reset your password.

Simply go to my email or discord and tell me your user name, why do you want to reset your password and your public IPv4 address. I will use the IPv4 and compare to old logs to see if its the same IP that previously joined your account.

If your IP changed you will have to provide any other proof.

(i will eventually find a better sytem to reset passwords, maybe even thru email)


email: [email protected]